As property owners, the safety and security of our loved ones and our property is always a top concern. In this regard, it would be great to have reliable help. And help comes in the form of a security system installation equipped with a central monitoring service.

We can’t always keep a watchful eye to ensure the security of our property. Whether we’re sleeping or out of town, it would be good to have round the clock surveillance. When you need 24/7 surveillance, consider taking advantage of a central monitoring service.

Alarm Monitoring Basics

Security alarm monitoring takes place at a centralized monitoring station crewed by specialists. They monitor your security systems nonstop. More modern alarm systems already come equipped with easily programmable monitoring options.

Types of Residential Alarm Monitoring

These two types of residential alarm monitoring offer a layer of protection for your home. Depending on your situation, one or both of these systems can work for you. Consult with an alarm company to learn the benefits of each type of monitoring system.

Central Alarm Monitoring Service

These are the systems that have dedicated specialists at the monitoring station, keeping a watchful eye on your alarm system.

Self-Monitoring Service

The alarm system is linked to your mobile device via an app. You can personally receive alerts when the alarm is triggered or detects a certain activity. It’s up to you to call the proper authorities to take action.

Property Crime Statistics

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, property crime victims have increased and are continually growing – with an average of a million and a half every year. Property crimes include larceny, motor vehicle theft, and burglary.

Criminal activities can be deterred by CCTV camera systems.

With these property crime figures, it’s a smart idea to take the right measures to protect your family, possessions, and property. A central monitoring service is a vital component of your whole residential security system.

This service notifies the appropriate local authorities if the security alarm is triggered, whether it’s because of carbon monoxide alarm, burglary, smoke, fire, or any other emergencies that are happening at your home.

Reasons You Need Central Monitoring Service

Call for Immediate Help

When your security alarm at home is activated, professional specialists are waiting on the other end. When they receive an alert, these specialists are highly trained to provide proper procedures and appropriate compliance to respond to the emergency that is occurring in your property.

Many fire alarm companies have their dedicated monitoring station, so you can have both the security alarm and central monitoring service you need. A professional and experienced monitoring provider can make sure that police, EMT, fire, or other help you need are just moments away in case of emergency.

Protection from Fire, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide

Aside from protection from property crime, a central monitoring service can also monitor your property for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide threats.

This feature is especially important, whether you’re home asleep or out of the house. Central monitoring takes place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, keeping a watchful eye on your property. When you have this service, you can have peace of mind that your family and loved ones at home are safe from emergencies such as carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, or smoke.

Having a security system in place that can monitor all kinds of emergencies can make you feel safer. This is because you know that you have comprehensive measures in place in whatever type of emergency that can happen.

Insurance Benefits 

Most home security systems come equipped with central monitoring service.

Consult with your home insurance agent. Usually, they offer specific discounts for properties equipped with a security alarm and monitoring features.

This is because insurance companies appreciate when their clients take extra steps in protecting their properties.

Availing these discounts also mean that aside from protecting your home when you have an alarm and monitoring service, you are also saving on your insurance.