The top priority for any business owner or property manager is security. An access control system is an integral part of commercial security.

This type of security system can curtail security threats, which ultimately gives you the peace of mind you need. This is especially true for areas in your business premises that need to be off-limits to customers – which is where an access control system helpfully comes in.

Even non-commercial establishments have integrated access control into their security measures. Schools, healthcare facilities, government buildings, apartment complexes are some of these non-commercial facilities that utilize the access control system.

These organizations know the importance of keeping the public from wandering freely – whether accidental or not – within their premises.

An access control system can distinguish individuals who have authorization or consent to go to any areas within the business premises, not the same as merely having keys and locks.

Access Control System: Advantages

Not Easily Duplicated

Individuals with bad intent are determined to make copies of a key and use it to enter business premises. As you know, making copying a key is an easy and uncostly task – easy for burglars to acquire. You will just end up changing the locks frequently.

Keycards are more convenient to use than traditional keys and locks.

How long can you keep up with that? That’s why it’s ideal to utilize access control technology.

If your access gets lost, all you need to do is update the codes and cancel the access of any lost or misplaced keycard.

More Than Just Opening Doors

Access control can go beyond opening standard doors. You can use this technology to open parking gates, motorized fences, turnstiles, or other barriers. This feature adds another level of security to your commercial property.

Protection for Your Valuables

Admittedly, there are items and valuables housed in your building that could be stolen and sold quickly on the street. Such items include electronics, kitchen appliances, computers, printers, etc. Thus, you need to make sure these items are secured in your office.

In the unfortunate event that one of the individuals with access to your building uses their keycard to steal company property, you can know who did it and when it was done – which will help in the next steps of pressing charges.

An access control system is integrated into a computer, which is, in turn, connected to your network. This allows you to review who enters or exits your premises at any time of the day. With a traditional lock and key, you won’t ever know who commits theft.

Multi-Location Entry

For businesses or organizations with multiple locations, such as campuses or apartment complexes with different buildings, access control systems make it easier for you to access one building to another with a single keycard.

Compared to the inconvenience of having multiple physical keys for different locations, having one keycard is easier for every member of your team.

Energy Savings

Another fantastic thing about access control technology is that it can seamlessly integrate with other business systems operating in your facility – HVAC, intercom, central security systems.

The most advanced of these security systems can tell you areas in your building that need lighting, cooling, or heating at specified times. This feature helps in energy saving steps; you will only need heating or cooling when it absolutely needs it.

Streamlined Employee Turnover Process

For apartment complexes, universities with multiple campuses, and high-end businesses, using access control system technology helps them have a more streamlined employee turnover process.

One keycard can easily substitute a misplaced one without replacing every key to staff accessing the premises.

Easily Monitor and Record Entry History

Aside from revoking any access that comes with employee keycards, access control technology can also record and store entry/exit history of everyone coming and going within your premises.

Access control system allows you to monitor it remotely.

Whenever an employee scans their keycard, the system can record and store the following information: time of entry or exit, location, details of the individual with the keycard used.

You can check all your employees’ attendance and investigate any pattern of tardiness. It will also be easy for you to identify who accessed the building in the event of vandalism or burglary.

There’s More to Commercial Security

Security alarms Alarms and surveillance cameras are essential components of commercial security. However, having an access control system can undoubtedly elevate your security efforts.